Company founded in 1974, based in Volpiano, in the first belt of Turin, specialized in precision machining on cast/billet aluminium parts.

With great flexibility, the company prefers small or medium series production, for which it uses internally designed and built equipments.

The majority of the products finds automotive sector application and is managed accordingly to the methods agreed with the customers (Process, Quality , Cleaning, Packaging, Transport, etc ….). IMA makes use of the partnership with the best foundries in the sector.


In close cooperation with skilled mechanics and racing teams, we design, produce and trade motorbike billet special parts made in aluminium alloys with CNC machines. Our products represent an important opportunity to upgrade the chassis and add several possibilities of bike setting for the track use. Through our technologies (3d modeling, CAD/CAM, CNC machining), we make billet adjustable triple clamps, adjustable clip ons, rearsets and thumb brakes.

Especially, our triple clamps, thanks to their specific design/shape and to the higher material features, they work effectively in reducing the Chattering effect, conferring more precision, stability and cornering speed. Also, provided with 4 sets of bushings, they allow to adjust the offset modifying the trail without moving the rake of the bike. The aesthetic impact is only a consequence ……..