MOD.5 R (Raised Adjustable Clip ons)

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Billet Clip ons adjustable angle, 50mm raised, aimed at track enthusiast. Thanks to a smart assembly system, they allow to adjust the angle in 4 positions, in order to get the bike setted on the personal ride attitude. The body is made in ERGAL 7075, while the bar is made in Anticorodal 6060 (deliberately softer material, in order to limit the damage in case of crash). The bars feature the insertion with retaining on the first screw (which does not allow the loss in case of unscrewing). Reference notches for quick assembly on the forks, perforated bar end for inserting brake lever protector or other Bar-end accessories. Two options of Bars length : Standard or XL. Couples of bars even provided separately as spare part.







Typology: Raised adjustable clip ons
Material: ERGAL 7075 (Body)


Angle setting: 0° / 2,5° / 5° / 7,5°
Recommended fork bolts tightening torque: 7,5 Nm greased
Sequence: 1,2,1,2,1
Fork diameters: 48 to 58 mm
Rise: 50mm
Bar lengths: Standard or XL (+15mm)
Accessories: Set of spare bars
Note: Racing derived product, the manufacturer disclaims any responsibility on the possible use different from racing on tracks


DUCATI Monster (2002-2013), Fixed and Adjustable clip ons, R NINE T Classic (K21), SPEED TWIN 1200 (2021+), THRUXTON 1200 R & RS (2016+)